Saturday, 28 April 2018

Geek Dress

I don't know why I keep referring to this dress as 'geeky', because as I'm fairly geeky anyway surely it's no surprise I bought it.
Anyway, this is my new Cath Kidston dress - a dress designed to celebrate their 25th Anniversary.
I've wanted to wear it since it arrived weeks ago, but with the extended winter, it's stayed firmly in my wardrobe, however, last weekend when the sun arrived I quickly put it on before the sun went back in!

BBQ Fever

 So, last weekend we all thought we'd skipped Spring and flew straight into Summer, and it was wonderful. Thankfully, I've been working hard at maintaining our garden over the last few months, so when the sun finally appeared we were ready.
 Never ones to miss the opportunity of a good BBQ, Husband dusted down the BBQ, with the help of our trusty Labrador Henry (just seen in the photo) and we were off!
 For the first time in what felt like forever, we stayed out after dusk, long after even our chickens, Olive, Mary and Hetty, signed off.
 We got the chimera going and we sat with a bottle of wine, or two, and enjoyed the balmy evening air.
Clearly though, it proved too much for someone!
Rock 'n' Roll Jackson!

Summer Styled Sindy's

 OK, so you wouldn't believe it now looking out of the window (if it's raining where you are), but last week when we finally had some decent weather, the Sindy's were just as grateful as I was.
So, they searched out their favourite summer dresses and had a damn good afternoon in the sun - wearing factor 30 of course because they are auburn after all!

Foodie Frenzy

 So, when this little lot arrived from my local Veg Box provider I was pretty well made up. Since we've had the new kitchen, I've wanted to start cooking again, so, with the help of the veg box scheme and Gusto I'm kind of getting there.
 Vegetarian Lasagne just about to go into the oven.
Cherry Tomato and Aubergine pasta bake coming out of the oven.
Last night I even made Vegetarian Enchilada's, but forgot to take a photo (next time), however, tonight will be good old fashioned pizza (and Prosecco!)
Happy Saturday y'all.

Friday, 13 April 2018

A stove and a Movie

With still very little sign of Spring, this afternoon will involve a log fire and complete crap on TV, and the reason I can get away with doing nothing - it's the kids' last day of the Easter break!


 So, not one's to miss a 4 day weekend, during the Easter break, the Sindy's packed their buggy and scooter and headed off on a roadtrip!
Lucky them!

My Athlete (band) Obsession

OK, so I've been a huge Athlete fan for many many years, and I know they're not recording at the moment, and I'm not sure they ever will again, but it hasn't stopped me from collecting as much of their vinyl as possible to add to the CD's I already own.
This search has so far taken me to Finland and the USA, and I'm having the time of my life doing it!
Listening to their back catalogue, also reminds me of just how brilliant they are/were, and how their songs have shaped my writing over the past 13 plus years.
I'll always be grateful for that, because I wrote one of the best pieces of work I'll ever write completely inspired by the 'Tourist' album.
So thank you.

Spring Birthdays!

 Me and Little Fella's birthday's are just days apart. Mine first (end of March) and his in very early April. I tend to forget about mine because I'm busy organising his, which suits me just fine, however, me and the husband did manage an evening out where I finally got to wear my very favourite skirt in the World from Palava, complete with petticoat - it seems turning 44 has made me throw caution to the wind and not really give a s*** about what people might think.
 Me and The Husband
 Then of course there is my best friend. He's 10 now, and is still as head strong and beautiful as he was when he was born. A real heartbreaker that one, a bit of a challenge too, but he's our challenge.
Happy Birthday Baby J!

Shaker Style

 I am so pleased with our fantastic new kitchen. We have waited so long for a space that we can cook and entertain in; a stylish kitchen that truly expresses our style and vision, and after 13 years, we finally have it.
 See, when we bought our house back in 2004, it hadn't even been built, so we were lucky enough to choose our own interior, however, and rather stupidly, I let the husband choose the kitchen as he was a little unhappy I'd chosen everything else - the result, a hideous brown thing that I've hated ever since.
 Now, I can't be anymore happy with the result; a clean, cool place I can sit in for ages, well, between everything else I guess.
Happy Friday!

Foodie Friday - Gusto

 So, I'm not usually someone who gets caught out by door to door sales. I avoid it at all times, even get quite annoyed if I'm being honest, however, a couple of weeks ago a very convincing young woman managed to get me to sign up for a half price trial for Gusto, and my reason for being convinced, well, I'm pretty time poor when it comes to cooking nutritious wholesome meals, despite having a weekly veg and fruit box scheme.
I can't lie and say I haven't been impressed with the choice of Vegetarian dishes and also how they turn out (even when I've made it!), but my biggest criticism and disappointment in Gusto (and I'm sure they're not the only company who fall foul of this), is there are missing ingredients, which to be honest, misses the point. 
Full of apologies blah blah, I am going to try it again for a half price second month, however, if the missing ingredients thing continues, goodbye Gusto.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Sindy's a Parka Monkey

 As people close to me will know, I love a good Parka; I even called my first born after the super cool coat, and yes, it's even spelt with an "a" definitely not "er".
 Anyway, since I own a fair few Parka's myself, I thought Sindy might appreciate one too, what with the "Beast from the East" surge again, I figured she'd need to stay warm, and thanks to the absolutely brilliant Sewist53, she can.
Now she can join the rest of us Parka Monkey's.
Happy Sunday y'all

Geek Dress

I don't know why I keep referring to this dress as 'geeky', because as I'm fairly geeky anyway surely it's no surpris...