Monday, 15 March 2010

Amy on the iPod

Monday is my blogging day.

I spent this morning on my main blog "Pink Cupcakes" combined with a bit of Facebook, and this evening is The English Writer.  - Pink Cupcakes' kooky partner.

Writing blogs means I give myself free reign on what music I listen to.  See, when I'm writing books I always listen to Classic FM or Classical music - I have done for years, so as today was a blog day, I had Amy Winehouse's 'Back To Black' on the iPod - pretty apt since this is the record that inspired the latter half of my 2nd novel 'Hope & Jump'.

Talking of 'Hope & Jump', I'm back at the keyboard tomorrow to continue with edit number 4 of the novel. See, I finished the book over 2 years ago, but I let it sit in a file for months whilst I publicised my debut novel 'A Love That Makes Life Drunk'.  Then, last summer I unearthed it and began 'polishing' it for publication - a tedious process that sees relatively small changes for hours of my life.  The good news is it's almost complete and should be ready to buy this autumn, but if you fancy a little preview follow the link and it'll take you some place pretty lovely.

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