Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Birthday Present

It was my birthday on Sunday and all I wanted was this - an eReader.
I got one.
I call it an iPod for books.
Don't get me wrong, nothing could replace The Book: the feel, the smell, the hours (or minutes) of browsing in a book shop and finally finding the One you want and lovingly taking it home with the anticiaption of reading it, but I think this little gadget is quite special.
I love books; really I do, but I have so many, and so many more I want, my house (and family) just can't cope.
and that's just a few.
So, as well as being "the future of reading", the eReader also saves on storage (that's how I pursuaded C to buy me one) - my "pocket" eReader holds 350 books, but do you know what? - I have no idea what to download first.
Have a great day.

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