Monday, 29 March 2010

A Folksy Retreat

Now, usually I blog about writing because that's what I do, but for this post I want to share my excitement at receiving some very lovely handmade goodies (button cushion) from one of my blogging and Facebook friends Beki.
I "met" Beki through an online forum for mum's and we became friends on Facebook. I then discovered she sews and creates and did not hesitate in purchasing my first "Bekimarie" handmade pretty last Christmas.
These two hearts hang happily in my boys' rooms.
And this gorgeous cushion now sits rather stylishly in my lounge and I have my eye on another in her newly launched Folksy store.
I'd never heard of Folksy before Beki but now I'm hooked, and along with my wonderful button cushion from her shop, I also ordered this beautiful handmade CK fabric cushion from The Homebirds
and this from Birds, Bees and Bugs

and this cutie

It's at times like these I really wished I could sew and not write.

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