Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Lovely Mr and Miss Sweetiepie

Back in early 2007 when I was seriously thinking about getting my book published I had an image in my head of how I wanted the cover to look. I searched for weeks, typing keywords into Google to see what came up and this is what I found.

Mr and Miss Sweetiepie.
Now I know many of you will recognise this artwork as The Black Apple, and Etsy's number 1 best seller Emily Martin.
I remember sending Emily a random e-mail titled "all the way from England" asking if she'd mind me using her work for my book. I sent her a brief synopsis and to my surprise, a couple of days later she e-mailed me to say yes. She said she'd be happy to do a commission if it suited the book better as she wasn't sure the cuteness of the "sweetiepies" would be strong enough to portray the passion in the book. I considered, but I was already smitten. We agreed a fee, and that she'd be credited on the inside cover; it was then given to a design company who turned it into this.
and this
I own alot of Emily's work, all of which I love equally, but I guess for obvious reasons, 'Mr and Miss Sweetiepie' will always remain close to my heart.

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