Thursday, 18 March 2010


Sometimes I hate being a Writer.
C has heard this so many times he now leaves the room when I say it.
Today is one of those days. 
Of course my state of mind has everything to do with the kids yo yo-ing into our room through the night, and early mornings to get them to nursery on time, it also has everything to do with a deadline to get book 2 finished and on the 'shelves' by the autumn which means working late into the night.
"You used to enjoy it," C said drinking his tea before he left for work this morning, "you're letting it become too commercial."
Hum, too commercial. It's currently my job - I have to take it seriously.
Then yesterday after sorting through reams of research for book 2, I discovered something that made me change my mind. The very first draft of "Hope & Jump".
Of course it's a very different manuscript today - almost 2 years on and 4 drafts of editing later, and the only thing to stay the same is the title,
and the word count certainly doesn't stand at just under 84,000, more like 110,000...
and the Chapters no longer have titles but numbers.
So, my little trip down memory lane appears to have done me some good. The realisation I have been working hard and I am getting somewhere.  Well, I'm still aiming for the autumn anyway!

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