Monday, 12 April 2010

Fierce Behind the Wheel...

I almost didn't publish this post.
Knowing I risked: (a) not being taken seriously (b) alienating potential readers.
C reckons there's no such thing as bad press. I'm just not sure.
Although my skin is thicker than it used to be, sometimes I still feel a little, well, vulnerable.
Anyway, see what you think.

Any creator knows a bad review hurts.

When I carry out a book review I try to be constructive. Personal "assumptions" are not helpful to a potential reader or the author.

Don't get me wrong, I've read books (and recently too) that have frustrated the hell out of me, so much so, I've laid in bed ranting to C about how could this have been published! Then I remember - it takes alot of damned hard work, time and sacrifices to write a book. Dedication is everything - so is self belief. Words are subjective, and so are readers.

So now to 'A Love That Makes Life Drunk'. I've had good reviews and I've had bad reviews. Most have been positive but I have to say the first time I read a bad one it cut deep; I have grown to be objective since then as I know my work is not everyone's cup of tea. I write a risque genre that makes many people feel uncomfortable - my fantasies or just freedom of expression, it's my work, from my head.
But I have to say this - my work is not 'erotic fiction', and it's not 'erotic romance'. I don't feel the need to have a sex scene every 100 words, and I will not adjust my plot to do this. My work is about LOVE, those heady first months of falling in love and discovering your senses and how to use them. It's about exploration and sexuality, and about developing relationships and moving them onto that next level. Plain and simple - I write love stories with the sex included.

If you want pure Erotica, I doubt my work will be for you.

'A Love That Makes Life Drunk' is an intense love story about two people who fall in love and the sexual exploration they embroil themselves in. It's not about infidelity, but if you want to explore the depths of the emotions and baggage infidelity carries, then buy a psychology reference book because you won't find it in mine.

Also, isn't most 'romance' fiction fanatasy in some form? Isn't escapsim a fantasy? A dream? Isn't that why we read the books we do?

Anyway, all this said, you must be thinking, 'she said she had thicker skin', and I have, but sometimes I find Amazon book reviews a bit like road rage - you're fierce behind the wheel...

Thanks for reading (if you still are!)

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