Tuesday, 6 April 2010

My Shameful Day Job(s)

I had a job interview today.
I kept it very quiet as I've become quite used to keeping my "day" job a secret.
Even now I don't want to say.
I've been doing this job for over 10 years now. Trained at University for almost 5 years, and post qualified even when I'd qualified (confused?), but still it appears I'm just a little bit, well, awkward about admitting it.
So, this is how it works - 6 months of the year I write novels; the other 6 months I go out to the office and work. I'm employed by an agency so these days (and because of my boys) I dip in and out of the profession as I need to. If I stay too long I quickly burn out; it's that kind of a job.
So, one of the questions in the interview was, "what have you been doing for the past 6 months?" - right, so now was my chance to say "I've been writing my 2nd novel," instead I said this, "helping my husband set up his business and look after the family".
Well, for many reasons really - I didn't want them to ask what I write about (!) but also I didn't want them to look at me in that 'vacant/I don't believe her' way that so many people do.
So, after a rather disappointing interview I drove home reflecting on the fact not only do I have one day job I don't like to talk about, now I have two!
When in fact I think I should be rather proud of both.
Have a good evening,

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