Thursday, 8 April 2010

Take a Peek at my New Book!

It's called "HOPE & JUMP" -
and as it's getting very close to my new book going to the printers, and as I am so excited about it, I wanted to share it - a kind of sneak preview.
Above is the book sleeve artwork commissioned especially for the novel by St Ives based illustrator Julie Eaton. This lovely picture is actually taken from a scene in the book, and over the next few weeks it will be turned into the real thing.
I just can't wait.
So, here goes...
In a sleepy Cornish town Evelyn Willoughby is distracted. In her artist’s studio she stares wistfully across the Ocean towards the Bay as her handsome new tenant Ellery Faye paints in the room above hers.
She knows little about him, an ex-London banker who made his fortune in the city only to impulsively retire to the coast to fulfil a dream of creativity and colour. She doesn’t know why and she doesn’t ask. She likes this ‘thing’ they have and chooses to ignore his previous life for fear of tainting such beauty, but also because she feels he doesn’t want her to know.
But one kiss can change everything. One kiss can complicate things. One kiss can make you want to ask questions.
A chance encounter reveals Evelyn as Ellery Faye’s artistic muse, his ‘lovely Evie’, and her intrigue in the man with secrets provokes a frenzied reciprocal desire with destructive consequences, and as their obsessive sexual fusion rages, so continue the unanswered questions, the late night phone calls and the volatile mood changes in a man with whom she is perilously falling in love.

(Copyright Karen Roderick 2010).

Now I'm even more excited.
I also wanted to say a really big THANK YOU for all the lovely comments on the last couple of posts. It's really encouraging and inspiring and keeps me sitting at my desk (rightly or wrongly!) - so thanks again.
Hope you enjoyed the Preview - I'll keep you posted.
Have a great day.

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