Thursday, 29 April 2010

Tough Cookie

I've got Jack Johnson on the iPod, and I'm ignoring the rain because I'm baking.
OK, so why is me baking worth blogging about? Well, because it's the first time in about two and half years I've been motivated to do it.
Right, so it was just oat and honey cookies and mash (which I will turn into Veggie Cottage Pie and Sausage and Mash for the boys' tea tonight, plus dessert!), but believe me, that's good.
I haven't always been this bad in the kitchen. After my first boy P was born, I spent most of my maternity leave baking and creating. After the birth of my 2nd boy J, I couldn't even get off the sofa I was that damned tired.

They look like this now; two surfie dudes who couldn't give a skateboard for my cooking - or so I thought, because yesterday I made tomato pesto and cheese straws, and even my eldest asked for more.
This out of character attraction to the kitchen has got me thinking and doing all sorts of things. It all started on our holiday to the beautiful Gower village of Port Eynon, where I began craving a little of the Good Life.
"I want to get a bit organic", I said to C,
"What like cider?" and he grinned.
So, now we're home, I've started doing this,
looking after my herb garden again, and this,
growing lettuce, and,
strawberries, and,
I'm sure those of you with uber green fingers will be flipping out at my pots, planting, arrangement etc, but it's a start right?
But there's something else firing my good life aspirations,
I received their awe inspiring brochure today as we are actually planning to give the experience a go. If you haven't heard of it, give it a look, it's pretty amazing stuff if the outdoor life is for you - clearly a nightmare if not.
So what happened to the writing?
Well, I decided to give it a little rest as I couldn't actually see the page anymore, but do you know what's happened during this "break", another damned story has invaded my brain and it won't go away, so, after a quick coffee and an oat and honey cookie, I will be continuing with my new storyboard.
Typical me.
Thanks for reading,
Have a great day despite the rain,

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