Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Awards Time yee-ha!

I've received this cute Blogger Award from the lovely Mrs P over at Notes From Summer Wood and I'm rather pleased with it.
So, now I have to write 10 things about myself, followed by 5 things I don't like, and then list 10 of my current favourite blogs - which I've actually found very difficult as I follow and love so many.

OK, 10 probably very boring things about me:
1. I wear flip flops all the time; even in winter
2. I named my first boy after a coat - "Parka" (actually, what the coat "stands" for, Mods, Oasis, Indie etc)
3. I named my second boy after Jackson Pollock and the US musician Beck.
4. I am addicted to green olives
5. I have 3 cats - Millie, Atticus and Macbeth
6. I married C after knowing him just 9 months in Gretna Green
7. I am a Qualified Social Worker; 10 years standing (not bad hey?)
8. I hate flying and always avoid C's suggestion of going overseas on holiday
9. I am ridiculously houseproud
10. I have a secret crush on Gene Hunt (Ashes to Ashes)

Phew, that over, 5 things I don't like:
1. Flying (as above)
2. Being poorly
3. Cold tea
4. People who talk to me like poo
5. A ringing telephone

OK, well, now to the difficult bit - 10 favourite blogs of the moment (because they change all the time!):
1.Music. Fashion. Clutter
2. Ivy Black Chat
3. Button Patch
4. The Coffee Lady
5. EvieGeorge%
6. Allotment2Kitchen
7. Kids & Capers
8. Our New Life in the Country
9. Pretty In Pink
10. Maisey's Attic

Well done all, you're fab!
Have a great day,

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