Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I apologise now for this shameful post of self promotion, I know we all feel uncomfortable doing it, but I read something last night that got me thinking,

'I think there is a real tendency to think, "once I'm published, I've done it", and then you watch your book go nowhere.  You can't just be a writer - you've got to be your own cheerleader.'
-Jodi Picoult

How true, and I think this goes for any venture we take on ourselves.
So, today I know I will spend my morning writing a Press Release for the new book, and this afternoon I will be polishing the new book.
But I cannot forget I have a first book.
I'm writing this post for the reason Jodi Picoult highlights, but also as I've received e-mails and Facebook messages from people who are confused as to where they can actually buy 'A Love That Makes Life Drunk', so, for this purpose, I will be blunt and cringe when I say you can buy it from the following:

1. Direct from me - via PayPal. Simply e-mail pinkcupcakes@live.co.uk and I'll send you out a gift wrapped edition within 24 hours.

2. YPD-books - a friendly and professional online book store who I work closely with.

3.PriceMinister - an efficent online book shop

4.Amazon UK - who you all know well
These are like the 'Folksy' and 'Etsy' of the writing world (!), but ordering directly from  me, is currently the cheaper option as there is no 'middle' person.
Phew, well thank you so much for not switching off in disgust, I really do appreciate the support, and the lovely comments you leave; and I also want to add, that whenever I browse through your fantastic crafty/art/book blogs (daily!), it's because of the images you upload, and your shop references, that I have so far bought so many lovely goodies - so please carry on.
Right, coffee machine on, have a great day,

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