Monday, 3 May 2010

A Geek in Writer's Town

I've always considered my favourite writer to be Anais Nin, but during a day trip to Fowey, in Cornwall this weekend, I believe it's actually Daphne du Maurier.
I love Anais Nin for her courage and determination; but adore du Maurier for her ease with words, her creation of strong heroines, and her ability to capture the vision of Cornwall that continues to inspire me.
When we arrived home I checked my bookshelves for confirmation; my du Maurier collection is quite impressive, and until then I hadn't realised how much of her work I owned. I guess I kept buying, reading and after finishing, quietly sliding them into place on my shelf with great satisfaction.
Anyway, I can't believe this was my first visit to Fowey. It does for writer's what St Ives does for artists, and I gulped at it.
I visited here,
and here,
and would have had a drink in here, had the kids been better behaved,
I imagined writing here,
and that this was the view from my house,
and then I came home with these (a Daphne du Maurier mug!)
I have to say I didn't know where to go first, or what to buy first. There were an array of brilliant second hand and new bookshops, and for the homelovers among us, there were a selection of amazing Independent interior and craft shops. There were some fantastic cafe's and bakeries, and equally quaint teashops, and on the journey home I wistfully watched the view disappear from the passenger mirror before dipping into my Tote and pulling out my writing notebook - more ammunition = less space in my brain.
I cannot wait to return and explore some more.

And talking of brilliant independent shops, I found this in my local bookshop today,
...think it sums everything up.
Thanks for reading, hope you had a great Bank Holiday weekend,

ps. I was reading 'Frenchman's Creek' whilst writing Novel 2 - 'Hope & Jump', and to date it remains my favourite du Maurier book - a brilliant read.

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