Monday, 17 May 2010

Happy Days

I'm really rather excited about the two parcels I received over the weekend.
These brilliant decorative sticky tapes are from Dots and Spots, who I actually discovered while Blog exploring. After a quick browse in their shop, I found just what I wanted - tape to brighten up the recycled brown paper I wrap copies of my book to send out in the post.

These parcels are ready to go and dressed with Green Country Garden, the other in Red Spotty,

And my second parcel was from the divine Charlotte Macey, who also blogs at Stitchtales,

wine glass, pink cupcakes, and mussels tea towels, and...

a tea cosy, which C is very happy about as it's re-kindled my love for our teapot and now he doesn't have to endure my 'dunk a tea bag' cuppas anymore!
Ah, happy days,
thanks for dropping by,

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