Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I'm Writing with "Relish"

Since Novel 2 is almost ready for proof reading, I thought I'd introduce you to my lovely leading lady.
This is Evie.
Well, Evelyn actually, but she becomes known as "Evie".  Evie, with her handmade corsage hair grip and love for customising clothes. Evie, the artist with a passion for creating culinary delights.
Now, unlike 'A Love That Makes Life Drunk', that's written in the first person - the cheeky and charming Jefferson Howie, 'Hope & Jump' is written in the third person - Evie Willoughby.
Evie was a creation of a week's holiday in St Ives, Cornwall almost 3 years ago.  It was late September and we stayed in this beautiful cottage on my favourite street - The Digey.

I was reading this,

my favourite book, and confirmation I should set the novel in Cornwall.
The decision to base the story in St Ives was effortless as I am a shameless, self confessed 'St Ivesophile'. It also seemed natural to make her an artist, and since I was also reading this,

it only seemed right to give Evie another trait; amateur cook. I can't share too much or else I'm getting into spoiler territory, but it will make sense, honest.

I love this book by Joanna Weinberg. It may not be glossy like Sophie Dahl, or uber cool like Jamie O, but there's a little of the 1970's about it, and a dash of Bohemia dropped in for good measure, and it's this 'dash of bohemia' that inspired me to use it as a blueprint for Evie's culinary imagination,

along with her ability to lay a table (this is actually our Christmas dinner table from last year).

Evie also likes this,

and rides one of these,

and becomes very interested in this,

Her new tenant Ellery Faye.
But more on him another time.

Well, I hope enjoyed a peek in 'Hope & Jump's Evelyn Willoughby, who I think has to be one of my favourite characters; someone who will remain close to me for a long time.
Thanks for reading,
have a great day,

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