Wednesday, 2 June 2010

"A LOVE THAT MAKES LIFE DRUNK" - a little book by me.

"I thought about why Lily's parents potentially detest me. It could be the fact I'm 37 and she's just 25, or that I've been sleeping with their daughter knowing she's in a relationship with my brother; I imagine it's both, topped off for good measure with the vulgarity of my novels and my occasionally arrogant and pretentious column."


Deeply handsome, intelligent and successful, he is a man used to getting what he wants, that is, except the one thing he really wants - his brother's beautiful girlfriend Lily.
Through a series of cleverly orchestrated meetings, Jefferson detaches himself from guilt to tempt Lily into his arms. Silently but deliriously, they collide against the backdrop of the love letters of Anais Nin and Henry Miller.

But is blood thicker than love and desire?

With Jefferson's sexy and charming narration, and Lily's intensely emotional and sexually explicit Journal, we witness the honest and raw account of two people falling in love.

*Contains Adult Content*

I wanted to write this as I was inspired by a blog post by L'Aussie over at L'Aussie Writing. I know I don't need to explain why I created Jefferson Howie, and why I write 'scenes of a sexual nature', but when I wrote the first draft of 'A Love That Makes Life Drunk', I was 3 stone over weight after having my first baby, my husband landed the job of his dreams and buggered off for most of the week, I had no job and felt pretty damned rank - the result was a frank, charming and sexually explicit gentleman called Jefferson - and it was totally liberating!

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ps. the title of the book is actually a re-hash of a famous quote by Anais Nin from Henry and June, part of her diary detailing her affair with writer Henry Miller in the 1930's.
"He's a man whom life makes drunk, I thought. He is like me." - Henry & June (published 1986)

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