Monday, 28 June 2010

My naughty "Ava & Dylan" project

Today I was going to tell you about my love for a good Cornish Veggie Pasty and a chilled bottle of Rattler cider, then I thought I'd take loads of pictures of my new Folksy purchases and show you how I've set them out in the house I've fallen back in love with after our rather disasterous move last week (see previous post), but then I thought damn it...
I going to tell you about what is currently inspiring me to the point of obsession.
My new Project...
nicknamed "Ava & Dylan".

This is the story I've been contemplating starting but was afraid it may distract me from Book 2, well, finally it got the better of me, and so the days I'm not working I have decided to split my day in two and do both. After such inspiring support from your lovely comments last week I realise I can and should do the both, but only if I remain organised.
I'm very excited.
I can't tell you much accept that it is classic 'Karen Roderick'.
I will spill a little more later.

Before I disappear to begin writing, I want to give a big thanks to Love Miss Ali for the inspiration behind the pictures for this post - I am truly buzzed up thanks to as recommended by the lovely lady!

Have a great day, and I will continue to catch up with as many blogs as possible despite being back in the office/car tomorrow!

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