Friday, 25 June 2010

You gotta laugh...

Sorry for my absence in what has been the week from Hell.
Last Friday we signed the tenancy for our new house...but couldn't move in until Monday because the owners were still working on the snagging list...but they still wanted their rent???
On Sunday my parents came to help us pack up.
On Monday we loaded the van and headed 10 minutes down the road to our new house...guess what?? The owners were still there, hadn't moved their stuff and the house was a total disgusting mess (my mum even found a pair of teenagers underpants in the corner of a room!!)
By 5pm they had almost moved out, and we had moved in, and just as I thought we could forget this horrible and stressful episode, C finds numerous broken plug sockets, loose wires in the kids rooms and there's no washing machine plumbing.
We re-load the van the following morning and move back to our original house with a new 12 month tenancy re-negotiated by C.
Legalities mean nothing as the contract we signed had the wrong rental address on????
We had a lucky escape.
But I am distraught.
I really liked the house.
But it was unliveable.
All this on my first week back at work.
But you gotta laugh.
Haven't you?

ps. Thank you for all the brilliant comments left on the previous post. Before the disasterous move on Monday I did start the new piece of work and have so far completed 4000 words and looking forward to more.
Have a great weekend

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