Wednesday, 28 July 2010

My MUSE - Mr Tom Delonge

This is Tom Delonge.
My muse.
And when I say "muse", it's fair to say he is the inspiration behind every male character I have created since 2002.
He's the 34 year old, 6ft 4 inch American musician behind Blink 182 and Angels and Airwaves. He also owns uber cool skatewear company Macbeth.
He's my unlikely hero.

I say "unlikely" because my love affair with Mr Delonge is outside of my comfort zone. I am an Indie girl more suited to Liam Gallagher, Ian Brown and Scott Morriss (The Bluetones), but there's something about the American man I cannot resist.
He is the height, humor, and confidence behind Jefferson Howie (A Love That Makes Life Drunk), and the hair, build and swagger of Ellery Faye (Hope & Jump).
His music has inspired many a love scene, and his smile has wooed many a female character. His lyrics have become titles of working manuscripts, and his tattoo's have encouraged my leading ladies to become a little daring.
I am mad about Tom Delonge.
Something that drives my husband insane.
Something he has learnt to tolerate.

Another American.
An actor/director who has endeared himself to me after inspiring me to read "Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks.
He reminds me of a younger, smoother Tom Delonge.
He's also the inspiration behind "Dylan" - my new male character.
It's fair to say I'm pretty buzzed up about these men and how they liberate the imagination.
Muse, yes, definately the right word.

Thanks for all your lovely congratulations on finally getting book 2 finished - make sit all worthwhile.
Have a great evening,

Monday, 26 July 2010

"HOPE & JUMP" is being made into a book!

Hello. Again.
Many apologies for my sporadic posts and lack of comments on your blogs, but for the past 4 weeks I've been seriously frustrated that we've had no Broadband and I've been relying on a crappy dongle that receives no signal as we live quite high up!
But it's back on.
Just in time to share with you that I am totally bursting!

The "Hope & Jump" manuscript has finally gone off to be made into book 2.
I cannot wait.
Almost 3 after writing the first draft it will very soon be the finished article in the form of a novel made up of 106, 877 words.

Thank you to you all for supporting me through my recent dark days of editing, your comments and e-mails really helped me reach the end.
I only hope you like it!
Have a great day, and I WILL be catching up with your blogs today,

Monday, 19 July 2010

Favourite things...

writing, books, blogging, olives, champagne, cath kidston, stars, anais nin, jamie o, chanel, jd salinger, flip flops, butterflies, espresso, marmite, henry miller, daphne du maurier, silver shoes, being veggie, the kooks, kings of leon, sex, nigella lawson, pumpkins, keeping hens, a cup of tea, manchester, tom delonge, the bluetones, pink cupcakes, lowry, animals, deanna baker (circa 1972), wuthering heights, the countryside, organic food, goats cheese, pesto, selfridges, jelly beans, the body shop, log fires, eden project, emma bridgewater, sophie dahl, the ocean, growing veg, tate st ives, cornwall, the cotswolds, satin ballet pumps, zennor, gwithian, denim skirts, jack johnson, deli's, orla kiely, french sole, fish pi pottery, woodford reserve, camembert, vintage playboy, polka dots, feather down farm days, vw campers...

To name but a few.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Karen Roderick @ Unedited

I'm very excited.
Today is the day the brilliant Jen over at "Unedited" has given me the opportunity to talk openly about my debut novel "A Love That Makes Life Drunk" and writing in general.

It reminds me of those heady days of the book's release where I was lucky enough to be invited to do a book signing at my local book shop.

Pop over and check it out NOW

Thank you Jen, and thanks to everyone who drops by to read it,
Have a great day,

      "A Love That Makes Life Drunk" available HERE xx

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Currently loving...

I don't care what they say about him, his cool surfie vibe suits my imagination.
My Orla Kiely duvet cover. Talk about sleeping in luxury!
O'Connors Campers. We'll be crusing in Nice Guy Eddie towards the end of August. God help us with the kids on board!
A veggie Cornish pasty and a Rattler cider for when I come across all Cornish.
Daphne Du Maurier. Her writing makes me tingle with delight.

Have a great weekend

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