Monday, 26 July 2010

"HOPE & JUMP" is being made into a book!

Hello. Again.
Many apologies for my sporadic posts and lack of comments on your blogs, but for the past 4 weeks I've been seriously frustrated that we've had no Broadband and I've been relying on a crappy dongle that receives no signal as we live quite high up!
But it's back on.
Just in time to share with you that I am totally bursting!

The "Hope & Jump" manuscript has finally gone off to be made into book 2.
I cannot wait.
Almost 3 after writing the first draft it will very soon be the finished article in the form of a novel made up of 106, 877 words.

Thank you to you all for supporting me through my recent dark days of editing, your comments and e-mails really helped me reach the end.
I only hope you like it!
Have a great day, and I WILL be catching up with your blogs today,

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