Thursday, 2 September 2010

He's a real nice guy that Eddie...

Meet Eddie - Nice Guy Eddie.
The 1970 Type 2 VW Camper all the way from Australia - well, that's where he was born, but we picked him up from a cool little place in Okehampton on the Cornwall/Devon border called 'O'Connors Campers'.

We'd booked Eddie for the week. A week's holiday at the end of August just before P starts school.
Yes, it was a wash out; and yes, as naive as we now know we were, we should never have planned a camping holiday with a 4 year old and a 2 year old, and yes, there were a load of rowdy teenagers on site at midnight, and yes, C did sigh at me exasperated, "oh good, I'm so glad someone bought a guitar", and yes the following morning we did pack up our awning and drive (or rather chug) off to a sweet little place called Modbury in South Devon and booked into a Lodge for the week!
Lightweights you say? You bet!

But we loved Eddie. He was fab. He took us around the south Devon coast slower than a snail, but who cares when you can pull over by the sea, chuck the kids at the top of the van and make a light snack (kind of!)

But we had Cath...

and the all important loo roll, and more Cath...
and even more Cath...
OK, so the weather was damned awful, and at times we did feel pretty miserable, but there was red wine, ocean views, and Jack Johnson (acoustic version by us as we couldn't locate the CD player in Eddie), and me and C even got the board games out when the boys finally decided they needed a bit of shut eye...and I mean finally.

On our Road Trip with Eddie we discovered a beautiful hidden gem called Hope Cove,

and the boys decided they just couldn't bare to be away from the little blue van whose top speed was a whopping 50mph...

and believe me, chugging up the A38 in the rain at rush hour on a Friday is not only bad for the blood pressure, but also not a very good look.

All in all we had a good time. The kids found a friend in Eddie, and C and I found one in wine. Yes, we broke down at Okehampton as we were about to say goodbye to Eddie, and a nice man called Pete towed us back to O'Connors, but oh how we laughed...which reminds me of a book I read before our hols called 'The Campervan Cookbook', where the author states the best thing to have when taking a trip on the road in a Camper is a sense of humour - oh how right he was!

Anyway, have a great weekend, and I promise to get back on the blog trail now I'm home and the kids are back at school/nursery.

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