Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I have an addiction...
I was just 25 years old when I bought my elegant Chanel compact mirror after seeing a rather sassy photo of Kate Moss holding one while preparing for the cat walk.
I still have it; I still carry it in a clutch bag when I go out; I still love it as much as I did back then - those delectable two C's that are instantly recognisable.
If you didn't already know I'm terribly short sighted. I spend most of my day wearing contact lenses that irritate the hell out of my eyes (especially when stuck at a PC/laptop all day), so, if one has to wear spectacles, then of course mine have to be Chanel, and 5 years later I am still in love with them.

Now, I cannot discuss Chanel and not mention perfume. I've lived and loved in a few of Coco's beautiful fragrances - No.5, Coco, No.19, Allure, Coco Mademoiselle, Cristalle, and currently Allure Sensuelle, which I actually bought on a whim.

OK, so this addiction began as a present and is now a regular in my make up bag.
As are these - incidentally, the rouge noir on the left was the first colour I dared to wear after clear.
I don't wear foundation as it makes my skin look pretty dreadful, however, a little concealer makes all the difference.
OK, so maybe this lot doesn't constitute for much, and I know if I want to graduate to a handbag, and postgraduate to shoes and clothes I'd better find myself another career, but this is actually enough for me, those small treasures that make a difference to how I feel in a day.


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