Monday, 29 November 2010

Reindeer and Stars...

...are just some of my favourite bits about Christmas, and Emma Bridgewater has yet again tempted me to dent my bank account and indulge.
Oh, and I couldn't post today and not leave a picture of the stuff I love to hate...

HATE, because I had to abandon my car at the top of my road with my eldest boy in tow as the school decided to close halfway through our journey out, and LOVE, because it's everything I adore about this time of year - wrapping up, feeling cosy, mulled wine, twinkling lights, a log fire, and Christmas Carols,
Oh, one last thing... new pink and red polka dot scarf all the way from 'Pretty Green' (Liam Gallagher's label), on Carnaby Street, lovingly chosen by my big sister.

Have a good one,

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