Monday, 31 January 2011

Girl from Up Country

I'm heading back Up Country.
Leaving the sea for a day or so and venturing back to the place I was born.
For a few very good reasons.

A bit of this.
A few of those.
A little bit of this.
But the real reason is this man...
Tom Delonge is in town.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Redhead

After almost 10 years of being blonde I'm going back to Red.

What was it that Mark Twain said...
"While the rest of the species is descended from apes, redheads are descended from cats."

Growing up with auburn hair was hard. Tell me a joke/stereotype/put down about red hair and I bet I've heard them all - but that was never my reason for going blonde - oh no, that was an accident, and then I thought, why not, and kind of liked it.

See, the cool thing about me being a blonde was that undeneath I was always a redhead - it always made for interesting conversation, and did I have more fun...I couldn't possibly say, but now it's right to go back to what I know, and this time I'm ready.

I flirted with my roots back when I created "Lily" in A Love That Makes Life Drunk. Those of you who have read the book (thank you!) will know she is auburn and unashamedly inspired by the beautiful Deanna Baker - Playboy Centrefold Miss May 1972. I tried to make it work for me back then but it just wasn't happening for me. I had forgotten I looked a little more fair skinned with red hair, and that you get called that most disgusting word "ginger" (what the??).

Now, well, a woman in my mid-30's and happy in my own skin, I'm going to be brave about this, after all, as a photographer at Playboy once said,
"Redheads are like other women  - only more so. The first thing you notice is a soft fire around their faces- an auburn halo that vibrates in high gear. A kind of heat that has nothing to do with temperature radiates from them like a visual perfume, a curious, insistent allure."

I am not going to argue with that.

Sunday, 9 January 2011


I'm taking out a little time to read and research for my W.I.P.

It was an accident that I became interested in the American Poet Sylvia Plath, indeed, I think in 'A Love That Makes Life Drunk' I even mocked her a little - and then I came across an article about her suicide and quickly bought her only novel, 'The Bell Jar'.

I knew very little about her life until then, I had even forgot she was married to the English Poet Ted Hughes at the time of her death - she was just 30 and had two young children.

Despite the tragedy that surrounds the last months of her life, her work remains brilliant and inspiring, so I'm now eagerly awaiting my copy of 'Ariel', a volume of her Poetry to arrive in the post.


BOOK REVIEW of 'The Bell Jar' to follow.

Happy New Year.

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