Thursday, 26 May 2011

Blogging: End of The Road For Me?

I read one of the last posts by top blogger Petite Anglaise a few days ago and it struck a chord - is it also the end of the road for me and blogging?
What 'Petite' says it that she no longer feels the urge to tell all. She is happy to land the occasional blog post about her books and publicity surrounding her writing, but no longer feels the need to reveal her daily life. She seems fulfilled and busy. She doesn't need it anymore.
Although blogging is very much part of my life, and has been for 5 years, the pull to rush to the laptop and share where I've been (Paris aside), what I've bought, about my house, and what the kids have been doing has kind of disappeared.
I started the 'Pink Cupcakes' blog back in 2006 to coincide with writing 'A Love That Makes Life Drunk'. I had just had my first baby, wasn't working, and felt pretty damned isolated. I stumbled upon The Black Apple Typepad blog and thought "I can do that".
For years I felt liberated, but I have to be honest, for the past 2 years it's been a struggle.
Suddenly everyone's blogging. There are so many blogs to read I can't keep up. I'm sure we all feel like this. It was fine whilst I wasn't working, but now I just can't match the everyday bloggers.
I just can't stretch my day any wider.

I'm not sure about the future of this blog yet, but 'The English Writer' ego will remain. I've had an absolute ball over the years, and when I read back over what me, C and the kids have done since 2006 it makes me want to cry. An online journal of my life.
My posts have seen me through 2 babies, many Christmas' and holidays. Tom Delonge, Champagne and Olives, an e-Reader, 2 novels, new jobs, books, clothes, friends, and a rather disasterous trip in a 1970's VW Camper called 'Eddie'.
I will continue to post, but not as regularly as I once did. 'Hope & Jump' will be published in September 2011 and I would not want you to miss it. There will be also be alot of giveaways and goodies nearer the time, so I will look forward to sharing them with you. You can also continue to purchase 'A Love That Makes Life Drunk' by clicking the icon on the right hand side.

In the meantime.
Have a good one.

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