Thursday, 8 September 2011

Rocky Road

('Hope & Jump' artwork by Joe Armitage)
Well, after almost 3 years since the publication of my debut novel 'A Love That Makes Life Drunk', finally my 2nd novel 'Hope & Jump' is due for release on Friday 16th September.

It's been a slightly rocky road - moving house...3 times, going back to work...3 days a week...then a promotion, but now that it's finished and I can hold it in my hands and breath in fresh clean pages of a book, I can allow myself a small smile.

I'm really rather happy to see this book in print as it's very sentimental to me. My love of Cornwall is explicit, as is my adoration of all things local, including the people, and those of you who enjoyed 'A Love That Makes Life Drunk' will not be disappointed, as 'Hope & Jump' features all the heat and sweetness that is expected from 'Karen Roderick' the writer.

I really hope you enjoy it, and thank you for months of support and encouragement.


Pre-orders are now available at Amazon 

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