Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My Old Friend, Nicky Wire

After finishing my Sociology degree at Bath University in 1996, it didn't take me long to catch the train over the Border to south Wales, where I made Cardiff my home for the next 7 years.
Within the first few months of settling, I simply could not ignore the band pictured above - Manic Street Preachers...
and thankfully I didn't.

An unlikely band for me, I haven't really opened up as being a fan until now; until recently finding a very old manuscript I wrote when this band were influencing just about everything I was doing, especially bassist and lyricist, Nicky Wire.
This is what he looked like then...
...and this is what he kind of looks like now.

Anyway, this manuscript, provisionally titled 'Tiger Lily', was a huge reminder of what the Manics and Nicky Wire meant to me all those years ago, so I started browsing into what Nicky's doing now and excitedly found this solo album,
and a book as well,
My husband's family still live in south Wales, and whenever we travel up the M4 and I see those first signs for south Wales - 'Newport and Cardiff', it never fails to make me feel nostalgic, and so now, after discovering that lost manuscript, I have also re-discovered an old friend, and feel very happy about it.

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