Love, Sex, Music and Tears...

I recently posted some photos on my Facebook 'Like' page 'The English Writer' offering a sneaky insight into the novel I am currently working on, also called 'THE ENGLISH WRITER' - which is where I stole the title for this blog.

It's set in London, and centres around 'Elodie', a successful writer and novelist and her affairs of the heart.

So, meet 'Elodie and Miller' (top picture) - confused ex-lovers who just can't seem to let go. Miller decides to return to New York to give Elodie space in the hope they can work it all out and realise they can't live without each other...
...but no one expects Elodie to meet 'George' (see below) - a small town Indie boy who has just arrived in London with his band from the North. He's fresh, a little naive, but very keen to please.
In this book we see the return of 'Jefferson Howie' and his beautiful wife 'Lily' (from 'A Love That Makes Life Drunk'), as well as the more graphic sexual scenes featured in the first novel that readers appeared to like so much!

The first draft is written, so now I face the gruelling task of editing and revising...
Plenty of coffee and Lana Del Rey and I'll be fine (I hope)
I'll keep you posted.

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