Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Evie's House

This is the house that inspired a novel.
My novel.
Before moving to Cornwall, back in the days when we visited the Penwith Peninsula at least 4 times a year, we stayed in this Bed and Breakfast in St Ives called 'Seaforth'.
This was a house brimming with local art, local pebbles, local crafts, and of course local food; this was the house my lovely Evie had to live in, with the views across to St Ives Bay,but also because of the breathtaking sight to Godrevy Lighthouse where she and "Ellery" spent many a night falling in love, but also where hearts get broken.

Fizz Time

It's been a slightly testing evening, so now the kids are calming down (and me!) I think I'll settle down to a little glass of fi...