Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Hay Festival!

This year the Hay on Wye Festival celebrates it's 25th Birthday.
Unfortunately I won't be there to celebrate as we've just moved house and we're still settling down, however, next year I will be there.
So, to anyone who's lucky enough to be going, have a fab time, and I hope the sun shines.

Hay on Wye Festival, Wales,  begins 31 May - 10 June 2012 click here for further information.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I love this. It's absolutely brilliant for getting the creative juices flowing. That must be why I've spent the past 3 days locked away in my office having already written 4000 words.

Monday, 28 May 2012

My Generation

It feels a little weird, but a bit cool to see my 4 year old son wearing a 'The Stone Roses' t-shirt, over 20 years after I was doing the same thing. It all seems rather appropriate with the band reforming, but more than that, it reminds me that he is part of the next Generation that I hope will also embrace my Generation, just as I did my parents'.
And of course, Jackson needed no encouragement to wear his new t-shirt, and when asked who is it, I proudly announced,
'My favourite band in the whole world!'
When he's older, I'll tell him about meeting Ian Brown at Euston Station!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Vegetarians Rock!!

This week is National Vegetarian Week in the UK.
Not that our household has to change it's diet, something we're quite proud of.
In the Roderick house, the years we have each abstained from eating animals is as follows -
Me - 24 years
Parka - 6.5 years
Jackson - 4 years
Big C - 5 years (but still eats fish; it's a start).
As controversial as it might sound, having a meat free meal just once a week ceratinly can't do any harm can it? It's not as scary as people might think.
Anyway, as they say, Vegetarians Rock!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Dreaming of Orla Kiely

Just one of the many reasons why I still love Orla Kiely, almost 10 years after buying my first handbag.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

LUNCH IN PARIS by Elizabeth Bard

I found this book while browsing for books about Paris.
The thing I like about it the most (apart from the love story!), is the recipes Elizabeth Bart includes after each chapter directly associated with what she has just written about. It provides a sense of "being there", which I love.
For me, I get to indulge my fantasies of living in Paris, but also about eating in Paris.
Yes, it's a little like 'Almost French' by Sarah Turnball (meeting a Frenchman, moving to Paris, cultural and language difficulties, acceptance, etc, but without the recipes), but I loved 'Almost French' and didn't want it to end, so I get to read a slightly different version, great.
So, I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves Paris, French food, or just wants a damned good light hearted read.

Virginia Woolf's House

I am a huge fan of Virginia Woolf.
Not just for her writing, but also for what she stood for with regards to women.
A Facebook friend posted this on his profile and I've happily nicked it to show you.
A must for all women writers.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Glamping with Cath Kidston

As it was such a sunny and warm weekend down here in Cornwall I thought I'd make the most of it and buy the kids a tent.
Cath, of course.
As me and hubby were putting it up, I think I was more excited than the boys, but at least it had their seal of approval later that day when they loaded it with football's and food goodies!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

New Gaff

Apologies for being away for a while but I've been busy moving house.
This is our new bathroom. There's still work to be done to this old house, but for now it's grand and we love it.
This is our living room filled with driftwood stuff we've collected over the years.
And finally, my writing space. Somewhere I can write again after weeks of my bits and pieces being packed in boxes.
I only hope I can put it to good use.

Geek Dress

I don't know why I keep referring to this dress as 'geeky', because as I'm fairly geeky anyway surely it's no surpris...