Tuesday, 26 June 2012

50 Shades of Grey?

"Forget Mr Grey, Jefferson Howie and Lily tell a much better story, I really couldn't put this book down when I first read it, so much so I went back for seconds.
Karen writes like a grown up not an adolescent, I can't recommend this book enough ♥" - on 'A LOVE THAT MAKES LIFE DRUNK'

OK, so I started this debate yesterday, possibly through envy, possibly because I can't see what all the fuss is about. Women have been writing erotic fiction/erotic romance for years - think Anais Nin (Delta of Venus), Pauline Reage (story of O), Emmanuelle Arsan (Emmanuelle), Catherine Millet, (The Sexual Life of Catherine M), and of course Karen Roderick (A Love That Makes Life Drunk), so what is it about E.L James' 'Fifty Shades of Grey' that has suddenly captured the imagination of contemporary women when 'Mr Grey' has been around for years?

When I spoke out on Facebook yesterday to ask '50 Shades of Grey?'  it was in response to recent feedback I'd had about my own work in comparison, such as, it's like ALTMLD 'but with bondage', and 'it makes A Love That Makes Life Drunk' look like the Bible'.
I'm not sure the Bible contains the "C" word - and I think we know which "C" I'm referring to.
And anyway, wasn't Jefferson Howie doing it long before Mr Grey?

So, rant aside, because when you have a big publisher behind you, we know a writer is able to achieve a huge amount, but I'm very happy to say that in response to my outburst on Facebook, my lovely readers have come out in support, for which I am so grateful (see above and below),

"Excellent book - much better than 50 shades of grey - if you've not read it then get a copy its brill"

So, I might not be selling thousands of copies and, and I'm not at the top of the charts in Tesco, but hey, my work is out there, and people are buying it, and even better, they're buying my 2nd novel 'Hope & Jump' too.
So, big thanks to you all out there, it's sincerely appreciated.
'A Love That Makes Life Drunk' and 'Hope & Jump' are available from Amazon and YPD-books.

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