Wednesday, 20 June 2012


I'm inspired.
A few weeks ago I started writing a new book and it's really fired me. Unlike when I penned 'A Love That Makes Life Drunk' and 'Hope & Jump', I don't have alot of time to sit and write anymore, so basically I'm cramming which is adding to the excitement.
So, who's fired me, well, the man above of course - Tom Delonge, with his 6ft plus frame, cheeky grin, floppy hair and cool exterior.
My new writing doesn't have a title yet, but there are a few in the pipeline, so I'll post as soon as I've decided, but what I can say is, I've gone back to my risque roots and abandoned my characters in a way those of you who have read all about Jefferson and Lily's antics will understand.
Here's to more creating.
Thank you Tom.

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