Tuesday, 3 July 2012

'Hope & Jump' in Cornwall

For those who don't know, my second novel 'Hope & Jump' (2011) is set in St Ives, Cornwall in the U.K.
I love Cornwall. Have loved Cornwall since I was 14 years old, so I consider myself very lucky indeed to now live here in my old house by the sea.
So, back to 'Hope & Jump', because it features all the things I love about my County and more.
There's Godrevy Lighthouse (see front cover by Joe Armitage), the beaches, the cafes, the food and drink, Tate, Art studio's on every corner, surf dudes, old Manor houses, country pubs, Daphne Du Maurier, open fires, deli's, tea shops, sunshine (!!), rain, sea mist, and of course a lot of love and a fair bit of naughtiness.
After the 'sexy and charming' narration of Jefferson Howie in 'A Love That Makes Life Drunk', for 'Hope & Jump' I chose the naive, yet intelligent voice of local artist Evie Willoughby. I like to think of 'Hope & Jump' as my Wuthering Heights in as far as scenery goes, and because of the brooding nature of Evie's handsome new tenant 'Ellery' and the 'obsessive sexual fusion' he evokes.

To me, 'Hope & Jump' makes me think of autumnal evenings in Cornwall, the sea mist crawling over the tree tops, and me curled up cosy with a glass of red wine, or a steaming mug of tea watching the view and breathing in that autumn air. It's a taste of my Cornwall as I've come to know it.

'Hope & Jump' is out now on Kindle and eReader. Also available from Amazon and YPD Books.
'A Love That Makes Life Drunk' available from Amazon and YPD Books.

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