Monday, 20 May 2013

'Notting Hill' meets 'Hope & Jump'

With summer approaching, in my seaside cottage I am embracing everything I love about the beautiful County where I am fortunate enough to live; and in my little Cornish cottage, in my lovely little town (soon to be swamped by tourists!!!), I am appreciating the reasons why it remains so important to me.
So, I have recently fallen in love with Seasalt - "a Cornish fashion company...inspired by the creative and maritime heritage of Cornwall" and bought the 'Trenoweth' dress (above picture), an easy casual dress for the beach or for a glass of something chilled on the terrace at the Pedn Olva Hotel.
I am also gushing about this outfit -
a cute denim apron dress (inspired by the dresses worn by famous sculpture and St Ives settler Barbara Hepworth, so the shop assistant told me, which made me even happier!) perfect with flip flops, and add a cardigan for watching the sunset over Porthmeor Beach on breezy summer evenings.
Such is my adoration of my adopted home town, my mind has started to drift into writer's mode, something that has surprised but pleased me as I thought it was long gone.  Already I have characters. a house and location, occupations and the beginnings of a plot - all I can say is 'Notting Hill' meets 'Hope & Jump' and now I'm rather excited.
(proposed location and cottage in Mousehole)
However, as I have decided not to publish any further work I write (no, I'm not becoming J.D Salinger, although I so wish I'd written 'Catcher in the Rye (who doesn't??), this project will probably be for my eyes only, and if I do change my mind about publishing, it will be to download only.
Have a great day

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