Friday, 17 May 2013

St Ives 'Secret' Supper Club

This is St Ives, Cornwall's new supper club, Saltwater (mark 2) which sits quaintly on Fish Street in the centre of town.  It's a cute B&B, come house, come private dining space, but if you've ever been to St Ives before, you might remember it used to look like this -
a chic, popular and bijou restaurant in the centre of town, but now it looks like this -
with this -
a Bed & Breakfast now open for bookings.
I loved Saltwater as a restaurant and I am sure I am going to love it as a supper club and highly recommend if you are down or over this way that you book a reservation.
16 Fish Street,
St Ives,
TR26 1LT
01736 794928
All photos from Saltwater Facebook page.

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