Thursday, 13 June 2013

'A Love That Makes Life Drunk' Re-visited

As with many writers, as the years pass by since your first book was published you begin to think about that book in a different way.
After all, you age and experience new and exciting life changes, but also unwelcome and traumatic ones. These experiences all help shape the people we are - and the characters we create and so there is no wonder that when I think back to my debut novel 'A Love That Makes Life Drunk' I wish I could re-write parts of it.
I think maybe I wrote too much? Expected too much from my characters Lily and Jefferson? Should I have curbed though sex scenes a little?  Maybe it's a little too indulgent? I don't know, but unlike many writer's before me, I won't be re-writing 'A Love That Makes Life Drunk', instead I shall focus my efforts on new work while taking on board the mistakes I might of made on others.
'A Love That Makes Life Drunk' by Karen Roderick is available in paperback from Amazon and YPD Independent Book Shop.

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