Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Oh! London...

(Parka's new London Transport Museum poster)
Being brought up in a dead end Industrial town in the Midlands didn't have many advantages, but the one it did have was being 50 minutes away from London by train and boy, did we make the most of it. I spent a fair bit of my late teens and twenties in the Capital for any excuse - concerts, shopping, theatre, romantic weekend breaks and Birthday's, but obviously living in Cornwall has curbed how often I can visit this amazing city, but it has certainly not dampened my love affair with it.
(Jackson's new London Transport Museum poster)
So, with Jackson now a little older and more able to take this fascinating city on board, I have introduced my little family to the world of London, starting with these uber cool London Transport Museum posters that now sit happily on their bedroom walls.
We are currently planning for a few days away to London, and the one thing I cannot wait for P & J to see is Big Ben as I find myself wistfully thinking about the first time I saw it when stepping out from the Underground and there it was whoa!
Prepared to be amazed boys.

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