Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A Real Posh Ride - Cornwall VW Wedding Hire

Down my way and in my town, anyone who loves a camper cannot fail to have their head turned by the red and cream beauty that hums along the road, (usually at a weekend), a stunning 1965 VW splitscreen I now know to be called 'Romeo', and this handsome fella, pictured above with his 'Juliet'  ("Well, we had Romeo and it was only a matter of time before we had to find Romeo a Juliet") is part of the uber cool Cornwall VW Wedding Hire company based in St Ives.

(I'll have a chilled bottle of Veuve Cliquot in mine please)

 For me, I guess what sets this company apart from others, and there are plenty around, is the raw passion behind turning a much loved hobby into something more, and for that I am a tiny bit envious, after all, isn't that what so many of us creative types aspire to.

(Beautiful 'Juliet')
But I love the dream they sell too. If I wasn't already married would I want to experience this ride of a lifetime - hell yes...
...I might even have worn the wellies too!
There is so much love, care and precision put into these vans it is difficult not to want the dream like so many before and after us, and that proof folks is in their blog - so many photos possibilites/opportunities, and Chauffeur driven to boot - a long way from our 2010 summer holiday to Devon in a hired Camper called Eddie (oh happy memories!), but the authenticity remains the same.

And if two gorgeous campers aren't enough you could always opt for 'Adam', a 1964 VW beetle cabriolet, or the lovely 'Eve'.
Anway, enough gushing, if this is your dream and you want to do it in Cornwall, you really must look these guys up, I'm sure they will take real good care of you!
Cornwall VW Wedding Hire
St Ives

    t: 01736 795223
m: 07971 822064

e: enquiries@cornwallvwweddinghire.co.uk
*All photos courtesy of Cornwall VW Wedding Hire - thank you.

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