Friday, 20 June 2014

I Love Blake Nelson (in a bookworm way)

OK, so 2012 was quite late discovering U.S Young Adult author Blake Nelson (the novel was 'Girl'), but since then he has remained one of my favourite writers. He writes the kind of books that when you've finished it you have to either read it all over again, or try and find one of his books you haven't read just to get more.

For me, he is a modern day J.D Salinger (gasp!). I love his cool complex characters, I love the stories they tell, and I love the American backdrop (when I was a teen I wanted the whole American thing. England seemed so boring in comparison). I also love how easy his work is to read. OK, it's Young Adult I know, but having read a fair few of Blake Nelson's books, I know adults can get just as much out of his stories as Y.A. (I am qualified to say this since I am now 40 and have been reading (and writing) books for a long time).
Anyway, enough gushing, I have just finished Chapter One of his new novel 'The Prince of Venice Beach' and already I'm excited.
OK, so I probably could have sold him much better than I have, but honestly, he's a brilliant writer and story teller, and I love him (in a bookworm way).
*'The Prince of Venice Beach' is out now in hardback *

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