Monday, 2 June 2014


When I was about 12 years old my parents bought me my first and only typewriter. It was a chunky thing with a blue protective cover and I loved it.
Yes, changing the ribbon was a hassle, and yes it was a bind when correcting, and anyone who writes will appreciate the importance of a flowing train of thought, but then this was the era when even PC's didn't exist.
However, now after years of using a PC and laptop, and before that, the good old fashioned pen and paper, I do wonder how it would feel to use a typewriter again.

I recently found an article by a Journalist giving 5 reasons to still use a typewriter and 3 of the reasons I definitely agreed with - To be cool (let's face it, the old ones are the best), No electricity needed (messing about with printers etc) Aesthetics (I do love the typed font).

But really, could I be bothered to change that ribbon, make those corrections, no spell check and no back up? And what about painstakingly editing a 90,000 plus word manuscript?
I think my love affair with the Typewriter is a romantic one. I am a victim of the 21st Century yet I love the idea of my literary idols bent over an Imperial smoking endless cigarettes tortured as they try to write the next classic novel, but I am honest enough to put my hand up and say it is not something I could do, but my characters...well that's a different matter entirely.

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