Monday, 13 October 2014

Anais, Sylvia, Daphne & Me

Karen Roderick - 'Hope & Jump' publicity (2012)
I've always loved photos, painitings and illustrations of writers - whether they are well known and famous writers or just models posing. I like the idea that the geek who spends every spare minute writing (or thinking about writing!) being someone who is also cool and unassuming, I've even tried it myself a couple of times! (see above and below)
Karen Roderick - 'A Love That Makes Life Drunk' (2008)
But the most striking pictures for me are my favourite writers with the tools we just can't write without.
Anais Nin in her infamous 'High Place' where she wrote,
Sylvia Plath with her typewriter,
and Daphne Du Maurier at Menabilly, Cornwall.
I like the idea writing can be perecived as glamorous because for those of us who do write it can be lonely and frustrating with hours dedicated to prefecting our creativity - perfection which often doesn't come! 

Geek Dress

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