Monday, 13 October 2014

White Converse Pumps

My love affair with the Converse pump started way back in 1988 during my heady Newquay days as a young teenager.  It's fair to say since then I've owed many pairs, but now this affair seems to have taken on a new guise - inspiration for my current writing, and this time it's a HE who's wearing them - white pumps with jeans.

As has been the case with my writing for the last 5 years the story is set in Cornwall, and this time it is based in the Village where I currently live. A pretty rural area that remains close to the sea.

Anyway, last week when I was picking the kids up from school I saw just the look I'd been after for 'my man' - a guy wearing white Cons and jeans and it was a done deal - 14 year old me was very happy...

I guess this is where my new male character has been hiding for all these years - in the depth of an angst teenagers brain, but very cool all the same!

Geek Dress

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