Sunday, 18 September 2016

Give me Gin and Tonic...

 I have never had myself down as a 'gin drinker'; I've always been more of a Bourbon girl: Southern Comfort and much later, Woodford Reserve, however, back in February we took our annual trip back to St Ives where we discovered one of the bars we used to drink in had become a gin bar. One cold evening before going back to our cottage, we decided for a laugh to try it out; the result - we ended up going home with a bottle of Tarquin's Dry Gin, local to Cornwall and teamed with Fever Tree naturally light tonic I was a convert.
But I can't drink just any gin. When we went to Whitby in North Yorkshire over the summer, in the local deli I picked up Yorkshire's local gin, Masons, but not just their ordinary gin, the one with a hint of Yorkshire Tea and now I've gone on a bit of a roll with it.
 Anyway, I know they sometimes call it 'mother's ruin' and I think there's possibly some truth in that as far as I'm concerned (joke), but taken the correct way it's a lovely way to end the evening.
Happy Sunday

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