Saturday, 17 September 2016

Happy Autumn

I know that as many people who prefer the warmer months of the year enjoy the cooler days of autumn. As much as I have basked in the U.K's summer I am also excited about a slightly fresher climate.
When we lived in St Ives, Cornwall, my kids wore shorts to school the whole year. I don't remember frost and I think we once had a little smattering of snow, and OK I don't want cold weather all year round, but I do love the seasons, when they get it right of course!
Now we're back in the Midlands we experience the seasons, something my kids weren't really aware of before because the Cornwall climate is slightly warmer (which does have it's advantages of course). It always feels weird when I write fiction based in Cornwall and it snows - heavily, because this really is just, well, fiction.
Anyway, it's noticeably colder today. My youngest has his cosy socks on and my cardigans are becoming a regular fixture; we've also had a little rain and the wind has picked up, so today for me is a family day; a walk with the dog, a glass of red at the local pub, maybe even an evening fire, I know to some this is everything they don't want yet, but I am just gonna make the best of it.
Happy Saturday

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