Monday, 12 September 2016

Sophie Harding - White Cottage and Washing

'white cottage and washing' by Sophie Harding

I absolutely love Sophie Harding's paintings. They always remind me of the years I lived in Cornwall, especially around the time we moved to a small village near the sea called St Erth, a pretty place situated in the west of Cornwall where cute cottages like Sophie's really exist. I loved St Erth because it was untouched by the seasonal behaviour common to Cornwall - tourists (yes, I know, we've all been one!)

Painting by Sophie Harding

I love these paintings so much they inspired me to write a series of novellas a couple of years ago, and even now when I read back over them I am transported to that small Cornish village with its cosy country pub and log burning fire; cobbled paving and waterside walks through the falling leaves, the village and these paintings simply reinforce why autumn will always been my favourite season.

Geek Dress

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