Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Sorry summer; hello autumn

   So, over the next few days in my part of the U.K it's forecast to reach 27 degrees and I'm dreading it. Don't get me wrong, I love the warm summer sunshine, and I love early autumn sunshine even more, but not 27 degrees mid September.
OK, so lots of you will be rolling your eyes etc at what I've just written, but we have been blessed with what I feel has been a lovely warm summer but now I'm ready to curl up on cosy evenings, the nights drawing in, maybe the fire on watching autumn television (namely Poldark, Victoria, DCI Banks, and I can't wait for Midsomer Murders!).
As I've mentioned in previous posts; I love autumn. For as long as I've been writing it's inspired my work. There's something about the aroma in the air, the cool clear mornings and darker nights that scream atmosphere and, well, yes, love and romance, but maybe that's the dreamer in me.
 Anyway, here are a few of the things that have inspired me over this special season:
 The aroma of a real fire

 The clear cool skies of St Ives when all the tourists have gone home.

 The last sunset

 Harvest time

 A warming glass of red wine

 The country pub

Cosy cottage holidays

 Meals with the family

 Wellies on and outside to collect the eggs and say hello to the ladies

A bloody good book and a reason to stay in bed on the weekend

So, despite my preference I will enjoy the next few days of sunshine and then look forward to some cooler weekend weather!

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