Monday, 31 October 2016

Jake Bugg Week

Last week I had the best time ever.
I know I've rinsed this so many times to my family and friends (especially my husband, God bless his patience!) but I've now dubbed last week - Jake Bugg Week.
It all started on Monday with my sister over in Birmingham to see Jake at the 02 Academy. See, I've been a huge Jake Bugg fan since his first album but this was the first time I'd have seen him live. It's fair to say we had a few drinks around the city and then wandered over to the Academy. Georgie was playing, which was cool, and then it was Jake.
Blimey, what a show!
My favourite (and everyone else's), Broken, but absolutely loved 'Simple Pleasures', 'Simple As This', and 'Slumville Sunrise', but in all honesty, I bloody loved them all.
 On Friday, I dragged my reluctant other half to Nottingham for Jake's homecoming. Traffic was horrendous on the M1 but at least Jake was at the other end.
We checked into our hotel and explored a place I'd wanted to travel to since being a JB fan and I wasn't disappointed; I just wish we'd had more time, but anyway, again, there were a few drinks (!) involved and then on to Rock City for Jake.
Whoa! What a ball. 
Not only did I see Jake, but also a fair few other folk I'd become fans of along the way of listening to Bugg - Billy Kennedy and Grant Bugg of The Flavells, which was quite something.
So, when Jake comes on, boy, they absolutely adore him. Clifton's very own homecoming king and he deserved it. He was quite simply brilliant.
Although his set was the same as Birmingham as expected, the awesome crowd made this intimate gig something really special. No, I'm obviously not from Nottingham, but I am from down the road, so to speak, a Midlander, but West not East, but the vibe this almighty audience gave to Jake that night made me hope he truly appreciated everything Nottingham and it's kind folk have done for him; their loyalty and admiration - my feeling is he is still just about humble enough to realise this. 
To finish, because I could gush for hours, Jake Bugg is indeed very special (even my other half is kind of sold on him now!). He continues to inspire and change lives without really knowing it, from a boy to a man his songs gets better; he gets better. 
I just hope the industry doesn't spoil him.

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