Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Retro Pop Swatch

 So, today I was browsing online for a new watch, not that I don't already have hundreds of watches of course! Anyway, I've always been a huge fan of Swatch and during my time online I stumbled across this "vintage" Pop Swatch from 1991 - the "Pop Swatch PWK149 Acrobat Watch Band Running" (apparently), so why did this make me rather excited? 
Well, because back in the day (I was about 17) I actually had one of these exact watches - my very first Swatch (of which there have been many more since), but seeing this took me on a proper trip down memory lane - starting college, going on holiday to Cornwall (where I later made my home for 6 years), and growing up in general.
The special thing about this watch is that they no longer make the Pop watch with a fabric band, now it's silicone, which is still cool, but nothing as unique as this one (even if the strap did get a bit grimey).
I only wish I still had it!

I'm now a Mum to a Teenager!

 My gorgeous redheaded first born is 13 today; officially a Teenager.  From a tiny mop headed ginger nut, to a strapping rugby player...