Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Autumn Vibes

So, with October approaching I am starting to feel excited about my favourite season. OK, so it's a little early to decorate for Halloween so when I spotted this ceramic pumpkin soup dish in Laura Ashley recently, I snapped it up where it now sits happily in our cosy snug - something I can get away with before getting out my box of Halloween goodies.

Champagne Birthday

It was my husband's birthday at the weekend, and since it's been a fairly tough few months we thought we'd spoil ourselves by having a little Champagne.
It's not a special birthday or anything like that (although all birthday's are special as far as I'm concerned, and we both hit 40 (cough!) a few years ago now), but what better excuse do you need than your kids being with their grandparents and a Friday night to ourselves!
Not that we need an excuse to open a bottle when we can of course!

I'm now a Mum to a Teenager!

 My gorgeous redheaded first born is 13 today; officially a Teenager.  From a tiny mop headed ginger nut, to a strapping rugby player...